Bird Scooter Injuries

New transportation technologies are exciting and generally welcomed by the public. However, sometimes these technologies are brought to market too quickly without appropriate safety precautions.

Recently, a company called Bird has deployed hundreds of electric scooters across Tempe and Scottsdale, Arizona. These scooters are easily accessible to anyone with a smartphone, identification, and credit card. There is no training or safety equipment provided. Any rider can get on a scooter in minutes.

What happens when a serious injury occurs as a result of using one of these electric scooters?

No doubt there will be many serious injuries in Arizona for a number of reasons including the lack of safety precautions and rapid deployment of these technologies without appropriate coordination with the municipalities.

If you have been injured on a Bird Scooter, call Attorney David Klink for a free consultation.

Update: As number of Tempe shared scooters, bicycles grows, new rules may be on the way

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