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Attorneys are here to help victims of all kinds of situations and when it comes to physical assault, the best attorneys are those that understand just how complex these situations can be. After all, the repercussions are often just as emotional as they are physical, and the devastating effects can last for years to come. If you or a loved one have recently suffered from assault or were assaulted a while ago yet still feeling the negative effects, you may have a legitimate legal claim. But before you take any further action, you should consult with an experienced assault injury lawyer. In the meantime, here are a few things you should know:

There Are Different Types of Assault Claims

Because “assault” or “assault and battery” claims cover such a broad area, there are a lot of different kinds of claims that can be filed. For example, there is “assault by mistake”, in which you the bystander are mistakenly injured by being in close proximity to a fight between other people. Even though you were not the intended target, the fact that you suffered injury regardless may entitle you to compensation. This is very different from more direct assault and battery claims like “street assault”, in which you someone comes up to you on a public street and physically attacks you. But as the victim here, you may still be entitled to compensation for your injuries. The same goes for victims of assault in other locations like parks, public events, nightclubs, restaurants, etc. Particularly if the assault took place in an area where there could have been better security, you may be entitled to further compensation from those other than the attacker his or herself.

Then of course there is “sexual assault”, which fortunately is being taken more seriously in modern times. While it can still be very difficult to relive the experience by coming forward, it is the only way you can help bring about real justice. While you may be directly entitled to compensation from the perpetrator for your physical and emotional injuries, the truth is that you also may be entitled to additional settlements from the owner of the property where the assault took place or even from people who were around at the time and did nothing. Likewise, if the assault took place at work and you reported it but no actions were taken, you may also be entitled to compensation from the employer.

The Value of Your Claim Depends on a Variety of Factors

It is important that you understand that while you may hear a lot of numbers being thrown around initially, the actual amount of compensation you may receive will be largely individualized to your case. Not only will your physical and emotional injuries (including any long-term effects like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) be evaluated, but you are also entitled to claim compensation for hospital bills, damage to personal items, recovery costs and any other applicable financial burdens you suffered as a result of the attack.

Punitive damages may be recovered in assault claims. This means that your lawyer will have to prove that the attacker acted intentionally to injure you.

Taking the Next Step

When you’re ready, it’s time to reach out to an experienced assault attorney. Be sure to have as much information about the assault as possible to help expedite the attorney’s evaluation process. While nothing can take back the assault, receiving compensation can certainly help ease the lasting effects and provide for necessary therapy and compensation for all damages.

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