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Bird, Lime and Razor Shared Scooter Background

Bird and Lime scooters have become increasingly popular around Arizona cities in 2018 and 2019. Although they are newly introduced, the scooters are currently available through Bird in Mesa, Peoria, Scottsdale, and Tempe.

The companies hire locals to charge the scooters overnight and relocate them to highly populated areas each day. Anyone with an ID and a smart phone can go online, locate a bird scooter near them, pay to rent the scooter, and drive the scooter to the location of their choice. Once the scooter is parked, it is available for the next person to start the entire process over again.

Although this may seem like a way to help our environment, it is also extremely dangerous for other pedestrians and vehicles. Here is why.

Why are the scooters dangerous?

I personally tried these scooters out and found many concerning issues with them. Not only are they provided in highly populated and busy areas, but there are no requirements for rentals, aside from having an ID and a smart phone.

These companies are serving a need without regard for safety. There are no directions on how to ride the scooters, aside from the app, and there is no safety equipment provided when the scooters are rented. I also found the speed on the scooters to be alarmingly high. They are too fast for highly populated areas and wobble when high speeds are reached, increasing the chance for incidents to occur.

Although the scooter share companies have information on their apps on how to ride the scooters safely, the companies have no way of ensuring renters read these lengthy requirements before riding.

Can Bird, Lime or Razor Scooter Companies be Responsible for my injury?

Depending on the circumstances, these companies may be responsible for your injury for the following reasons:

  • The companies are irresponsible when it comes to safety regulations
  • The scooters are too fast for everyday use
  • When driven at high speeds, the scooters wobble and are unstable
  • There are no requirements to rent a scooter
  • Safety equipment is not provided when scooters are rented

What types of Compensation can I obtain?

Possible compensation for scooter-share injuries include: medical bill payment, lost wages, pain and suffering, scaring or disfigurement.

What should I do if I have been injured on a Bird, Lime or Razor Scooter?

If you have been injured on a Bird Scooter, you should contact an attorney immediately, as compensation may be awarded. The increase of complaints and concerns surrounding the rental companies will require additional regulations to be placed that ensure the safety of pedestrians while the scooters are being used.

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