Arizona Health Care Licensing and Professional Board Representation

David Klink has years of experience representing health care providers in Arizona before the health care licensing boards.

If you have received a notice of complaint against your healthcare license from a licensing board then it is important to contact a lawyer right away to better understand the process and develop a plan to respond to the complaint. In many cases, it is easier and more affordable to hire an attorney at the very beginning of the situation to handle the complaint process, rather than after the board has already voted to take some type of disciplinary action against your license.

Who Does Mr. Klink Represent?

David Klink has represented a wide array of health care professionals including nurses, allopathic physicians, osteopathic physicians, chiropractors and other types of health care professionals respond to complaints made to a health care licensing board.

Mr. Klink takes the time to listen to the to the facts of your situation and create a plan of action to respond to the complaint that has been filed.

Being informed and having legal representation for the situation is the best course of action for anyone responding to a Board complaint. Failure to seek help from an attorney can result in an outcome that that has severe consequences for you and your career.

Why Hiring an Attorney is So Important?

It is important to hire an attorney to explain your rights and help you respond to the Board. Clients hire Mr. Klink after they receive an outcome that is catastrophic to their ability to work and earn a living. The time to hire an attorney is at the beginning of the process.

When you hire Mr. Klink as your legal counsel, his job is to ensure clients are fully prepared for all parts of the investigation, while advising you on what you should and should not do when an investigation is going on. He will also search for any opportunity available to mitigate the potential consequences of any disciplinary action that may occur. It is Mr. Klink’s goal to look out for client’s long-term interests.

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If you are ready to get legal representation for your case, then now is the time to schedule a free consultation. During this meeting, Mr. Klink can review the facts of your case and begin taking the necessary actions to help you achieve your desired outcome.


Read more about an Arizona State Board of Nursing complaint and investigation process here (link to article download).

# 1 Health Care Board Attorney

I definitely recommend attorney David Klink. After reviewing a nursing board complaint, I attended the Board meeting without an attorney. The Board voted to offer consent agreement for disciplinary action. I believed the complaint and consent agreement was completely unjustified for the situation. I never thought they would vote for discipline action.
I called Mr. Klink and retained him to represent me in front of the board. He took time to review the evidence and provide a rebuttal to the allegations in the complaint. We were able to resolve with non-discipline action. Throughout representation Mr. Klink was always available to answer my questions and help guide me throughout the process. I am pleased with the final outcome. I would highly recommend David Klink to others.


David J. Klink, Attorney at Law

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