Every Nurse Needs Personal Malpractice Insurance Coverage

Every day I consult with nurses who have received notice of a complaint from the Arizona State Board of Nursing.  They have no idea what to expect in this process. Nursing malpractice insurance provides the peace of mind they need to ensure that legal fees for competent representation before the Arizona State Board of Nursing is not something they need to worry about.

Do not assume your employer has coverage for Board issues (most do not). The policy I generally recommend to nurses is offered through Nurse Service Organization and provides up to $25,000 in coverage for legal fees associated with representation in front of the Arizona State Board of Nursing.

A personal malpractice policy is cost-effective and a good investment for all Arizona nurses. If you are in the process of accepting new employment with a health care company in Arizona you may want to ask your employer if they would be willing to pay your personal malpractice premiums during your employment. Depending on your field, the cost can be less than $100 per year.

Think about the value. If you have a Board complaint you can expect to spend thousands of dollars in legal representation. If you have a personal malpractice policy your legal fees will be taken care of. Over a 30-year nursing career you might pay about $3,000 for malpractice premiums (over 30 years). If you have one Board complaint you can expect to spend more than that in legal fees, psychological examiner fees, and other costs associated with representation to protect your livelihood.

I do not make any money recommending insurance coverage. It is simply a good idea and I make this recommendation to all my clients.