Arizona Nursing Board Medication Diversion Complaint

I receive a large number of phone calls from Arizona nurses who have been accused of medication diversion. The typical fact pattern is:

  1. Nurse is called into a meeting by hospital management based on suspicion of medication diversion. The typical reasons for the meeting are because a co-worker complained, the nurse’s Pyxis transactions are suspect, or a patient complains that they did not receive pain meds or their pain level was not adequately assessed by the attending nurse.
  2. The nurse is suspended from work “pending an investigation” after the initial meeting.
  3. The nurse is called into management’s office and confronted about the results of the investigation and asked to explain.
  4. The nurse is terminated and subject to a Board complaint regardless of the explanation provided.

I hear about these scenarios frequently and nurses call me for help in deciding how to approach this significant employment issue.

Allegations of medication diversion fall into 2 categories.

  1. The complaint is defensible because it is the result of inaccurate medical/Pyxis records or poor record keeping
  2. The nurse does have a problem with medication diversion and needs assistance dealing with a legitimate addiction

Either way, a competent nursing board attorney can help you resolve your issues. If you are an Arizona Nurse facing a board complaint or employment situation alleging medication diversion you need the assistance of legal counsel.

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