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Everything changes after an injury auto accident. In addition to the terrible injuries or loss of life that can result, there is extensive vehicle damage and emotional trauma just from dealing with the insurance companies and local authorities. Perhaps worst of all, regardless of what kind of injuries or damage is sustained, gone is the sense of comfort and safety that used to be felt while driving. But no matter what, all of this feels worse when the car accident was a result of drunk driving.

Drunk Driving in the United States

The sad truth is that there is roughly one deadly incident of drunk driving every hour in the United States, and there are many more that result in non-fatal but still serious injuries.  It is truly awful to be an innocent victim of a drunk driving accident, but fortunately there are things you can do to take action once it does happen.

When You Should Seek Legal Assistance

Were you or a family member the victim of a drunk driving accident? If so, you may be entitled to serious compensation. After all, medical costs and vehicle repairs are not cheap. Many victims also find later on that they are suffering from more hidden injuries like whiplash and muscular damage that may have gone initially undetected. Furthermore, you have likely suffered longstanding emotional injuries in addition to any physical injuries sustained in the accident. The truth is that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD is very real when it comes to car accident victims in general, as are a multitude of other forms of psychological trauma. In many cases of drunk driving accidents, the victims must miss out on work (and therefore suffer lost wages) for a period of time in order to recover. The point is, you may be entitled to a claim in any of these circumstances, and for this reason you should seek out the help of a drunk driver injury lawyer.

Moving Forward

It can be incredibly difficult to get on with your life after becoming the victim of a drunk driving accident, but you can start by seeking out the help of an experienced attorney. Remember; nothing can take back the fact that someone drove drunk and caused you harm, but you have control over what you do about it. Your legal team will help make sure that your case was investigated properly and thoroughly documented, and from there they will take the necessary measures to take your case to civil court to file for appropriate damages. After all, the key to real recovery starts with getting the compensation you deserve and moving forward from there.

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