Civil Litigation

Arizona Health Care Lawyer Mr. Klink has significant experience representing clients in civil disputes. If you have been sued or if you are considering filing a lawsuit feel free to contact this office for a consultation. Mr. Klink has experience representing clients involved in

Personal Injury Lawsuits
Mr. Klink’s experience with complex medical injuries allows him to communicate your injuries to the insurance adjuster on your case to improve the likelihood of fair compensation for you.

Employment Litigation
Arizona Health Care LawyerMr. Klink provides legal counsel to employers and employees in the health care field facing threats of a lawsuit for breach of a non-compete agreements and other restrictive covenants within employment relationships. Additionally, Mr.Klink provides legal counsel in the areas of employment discrimination and wrongful termination.


Contracts, Lease Agreements, Business disputes
Mr. Klink provides legal counsel to clients seeking assistance with contract interpretation and contract drafting. The hallmark of a good contract is that both sides clearly understand their duties and rights under the contract. Sometimes this does not always happen and Mr.Klink provides counsel

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